Types of Charges

With your convenience in mind, Johns Hopkins places all charges on one billing statement.

Please note that the single bill payment system does not apply to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, which has a different payment system.

Inpatient Hospital Bill

Patients admitted to the hospital (inpatients) will receive separate invoices for some services. Your hospital bill will include charges for your room, food, medical supplies and services, and any tests or procedures, including X-rays.

Outpatient Bill

Patients seen in a clinic or outpatient setting may receive separate invoices for some services. Your clinic or outpatient bill will include charges for use of the facility and any tests or procedures. For scheduling reasons, some tests and procedures may be performed at a later date and will be billed separately from your outpatient or clinic invoice.

Home Care Bill

Home care patients will receive a bill for services and products provided in the home. The invoice might include charges for visits from a nurse, home health aide, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or social worker. You may also receive separate bills if you receive IV therapy or home medical equipment.

Billing for Other Professional Services at Our Hospitals

In addition to a bill from your hospital, you may receive separate bills for professional services provided by outside physicians groups who have privileges at this hospital. Please note, we cannot guarantee that private physicians participate with your health insurance plan.

Have Questions About Your Bill?

Contact customer service at 1-855-662-3017.